Did Taco Bell Make A Secret Gay-Themed Breakfast Commercial?

Q: Is this video a secret gay-themed commercial for Taco Bell’s new line of breakfast items? A: Maybe! But also maybe not! I don’t know! There’s not much by way of explanation here, other than the thing where it just popped up on YouTube two weeks ago labeled “LEAKED GAY TACO BELL COMMERCIAL” and looking, … Read more

Taco Bell’s New Biscuit Tacos Free On Cinco De Mayo

Taco Bell has announced it will give away free biscuit tacos on May 5, Tuesday, as a part of its new ad campaign called “Breakfast Defector Day.” The day also happens to fall on Mexican holiday Cinco de Mayo. Taco Bell will be giving away free biscuit tacos between breakfast hours, 7 a.m. to 11 … Read more

Taco Bell Wants to Make ‘Mexican’ the Next Global Fast Food

Taco Bell, which started as a small restaurant in Los Angeles County in 1962, has grown to more than 6,000 outlets—of which roughly 95 percent are in the U.S. Now the chain plans to take what it calls “Mexican-inspired” cuisine to the rest of the world, with plans to add 1,300 international locations by the … Read more